Bureau 205 is a graphic design office based in Lyon


It was created by Damien Gautier,
in January 2010.


Damien Gautier. Trained at the Atelier de création typographique in École Estienne (Paris), he founded Bureau 205 after having co-managed Trafik for 13 years.

     Artistic director, graphic designer in charge of projects of visual identity, communication, publishing or scenography, he teaches and coordinates the graphic design DNA of École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Lyon.

     He is also the author of two books on graphic design and typography, both published by Pyramyd (Paris).


Thomas Leblond. Trained in editorial design, he graduated from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Lyon in 2010. Graphic and editorial designer, he became a partner of Bureau 205 after 6 years of experience.

     He teaches graphic design at the École européenne supérieure de l’image (Angoulême-Poitiers).


Florence Roller. Trained in graphic design, she graduated from the École supérieure des arts décoratifs in Strasbourg in 2005. Graphic designer in charge of visual identity, communication and publishing projects, she became a partner of Bureau 205 after 11 years of experience.


Sandrine Picherit. Trained in space design, she graduated from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Lyon in 2002. As a space designer and artistic director in the cultural sector, she joined Bureau 205 in 2016 after 13 years of experience. She is in charge of developing partnerships, communication and administrative follow-up.


Thomas Hanus. Trained in graphic design, he graduated from the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Lyon in 2016. He is responsible for visual identity projects, communication and publishing within Bureau 205.




Thomas Baudouin

Rémy Bender

Julien Boschiero

Tiphaine Brelay
Louis Brousseaud

Séverine Dietrich

Laurence Duplan
Armelle Exposito

Alaric Garnier

Éliott Grunewald

Nicolas Guy

Thomas Hanus

Princia Itoua

Céline Jobard
Mathilde Lambert

Victor Lambey

Thomas Leblond

Marion Martin

Hugo Marucco

Corentin Noyer

Léa Pradine

Olivier Raimbaud

Florent Ribeyron

Laurane Richard

Delphine Sigonney

Thibaud Vandebuerie

Adeline Vieira








Office 205 asserts an comprehensive approach by the specificity of knowledge-making that it proposes. Typography and type design in particular (micro-typography), composition and layout (macro-typography) are major assets of the team which make it possible to approach with requirement and acuity of commands of different nature:

- Logotypes and trademarks;

- Program of corporate identities;

- Development of corporate typefaces;

– Editorial design (design of books, magazines, newspapers…);

- Packaging (design of labels);

– Programs of signage systems...




Bureau 205 is regularly called for the art director and the piloting of projects by external structures (global design agencies, communication agencies, etc.) It joins also with teams within the framework of answers to contests with designers, signaleticians, architects.

      Bureau 205 collaborates in a regular way with the agency In medias res for strategic aspects and editorial contents.






Bureau 205 asserts an approach of design mixing conceptual and theoretical aspects, aesthetic and graphic with necessary practical, technics and financial matters.


Bureau 205 likes to propose a resolutely pragmatic approach of the projects which are subjected and develops a contemporary writing which can nevertheless take support on true knowledge-making.

The members of the team are all invested in an activity of teaching. So Bureau 205 carries an particular interest into the question of the transmission of knowledge.




a total approach

Beyond of a particular know-how in the fields of typography and edition and from the specific interest in architecture, the team also develops competences in scenography and of expography, most of the time for projects for which Bureau 205 conceives the identity and communication tools (print and multi-media).


Bureau 205 has also a real experiment in interactive design:

– Websites;

– Intranet;

– User interfaces...

For important and specific projects, Bureau 205 proposes the interventions of experimented developers.